Most Famous Twins On Youtube?!

No this isn’t photoshopped or whatever those are really 2 different persons.

These are the Hodgetwins

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Wednezzzdays With Lizzza

Today I’ll talk about a youtuber I recently discovered. Even though I just started watching her videos she’s already one of my favorite youtuber.

This is Liza Koshy

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Hoe Slim Ben Jij?

Vandaag zal ik het hebben over een bekende Nederlandse youtuber. Deze youtuber test de slimheid van mensen in Nederlandse steden zoals Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, ….


Dit is Défano Holwijn


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I’m Sorry

I’m sorry I have not been posting  much these previous weeks.


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13 Year Old Star

As I was browsing through Youtube looking for new ideas I saw that a lot of Youtubers made videos of them reacting to somebody named Jacob Sartorius. I got curious and began doing some research about this Jacob guy.

That’s when I stumbled on his Instagram and saw how many followers he had…..

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Le Français Le Plus Connu?!

Comme il y a aussi beaucoup de Youtubers Français qui sont intéressant et connu, je vais parler d’eux sur mon blog. Aujourd’hui je vais parler du plus populaire d’entre eux.


Voici Cyprien

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Sixpack or Pizza??

With the summer upcoming I guess many people have been asking themselves: “Where the hell was this big belly hiding himself?”

There are two types of reactions for that.

–  Some people own it and be like “naaah it’s too late anyways, I want a pizzaaa!!”

– Others really want to change their body and start a diet.

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How To Dance Like Chris Brown

Has somebody ever told you that when you dance you look like a drunk penguin? If yes then you should send me a video of you dancing so I can laugh too :p


This Matt Steffanina

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90% Of Trailers Are Fake

It’s very easy to get mislead by trailers these days. Wouldn’t it be easier if someone watched the movie for you and made a honest trailer to say if it’s worth watching or not? It would save me a lot of time.

This is Screen Junkies

Screen Junkies is a Youtube channel with more than 5 million subscribers and over a billion views.

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