Most Famous Twins On Youtube?!

No this isn’t photoshopped or whatever those are really 2 different persons.

These are the Hodgetwins

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Sixpack or Pizza??

With the summer upcoming I guess many people have been asking themselves: “Where the hell was this big belly hiding himself?”

There are two types of reactions for that.

–  Some people own it and be like “naaah it’s too late anyways, I want a pizzaaa!!”

– Others really want to change their body and start a diet.

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Purple Hair?!?

You may already know him the boy with the black glasses and special hair.

This is Tyler Oakley

Tyler is a very famous Youtube personality, author and activist. He’s most known for his special hair colors like blue, purple, white, etc.

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Omggg I love you Joe

This is what probably 90% of the comments on his videos says.


This is Joe Sugg.

Yes, his fan base mostly consist of teenage girls.

Joe Sugg is a 24 year old British youtuber with a channel called ThatcherJoe. He has more than 6 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

On his channel you can see a lot of fun stuff like challenges or pranks on his roommate that you might know, Casperlee, who also has a famous youtube channel. He likes to collab with other youtubers like his own sister or Oli White.

Besides his mainchannel he also has a gaming channel (ThatcherJoeGames) and a vlog channel (ThatcherJoeVlogs).


Make sure to go check some of his funny and entertaining videos.

Joe Sugg’s Channel

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