Wednezzzdays With Lizzza

Today I’ll talk about a youtuber I recently discovered. Even though I just started watching her videos she’s already one of my favorite youtuber.

This is Liza Koshy

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Sixpack or Pizza??

With the summer upcoming I guess many people have been asking themselves: “Where the hell was this big belly hiding himself?”

There are two types of reactions for that.

–  Some people own it and be like “naaah it’s too late anyways, I want a pizzaaa!!”

– Others really want to change their body and start a diet.

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Woman with Superpowers???

Yes, I wrote Superpowers with a capital S for no reason, I’m a real gangster!

This is Lily Singh

She’s doesn’t really has superpowers but she’s funny as hell. She’s from Indian-Canadian origins and has a Youtube channel called ||Superwoman||.

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The worst singer ever

Yeah, I know, you can say that she went a little bit too far with the lipstick, but that’s her thing.

This is Miranda Sings.

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Drunk in the kitchen?

Ever asked yourself what would happen if you put a drunk women and a kitchen together?
The answer to that question is: Hilarious videos and some cool recipes.


This is Hannah Hart.

Hannah is a funny girl with a youtube channel called MyHarto. She is best known for her My Drunk Kitchen series on her channel, where she cooks while sometimes being drunk. I think you can imagine how crazy and fun that should be. She also has had famous guests on her show like for example famous youtuber Tyler Oakley or author John Green.

MyHarto has now more than 2 million subscribers and 247 million views. She also wrote a book My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut, who was on the top of New York Times bestsellers list.


You should watch some of here videos, it’s very educative 😛
MyHarto’s Channel

How to be pretty in 10 min

If you’re a girl (or boy, I’m open minded 😛 ) that also has problems doing her hair in the morning or her makeup, then Zoella’s videos are made for you.

Zoella is a 26 year old fashion youtuber from England. You may also know her brother Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe). She posts easy makeup tutorials and gives out beauty tips to make your morning easier.

She’s one of the best youtubers with more than 10 millions subscribers and she also has a record breaking novel. Her blog also won the Cosmopolitan award for the Best Beauty Vlogger. So you can say that she’s kinda of a big deal.


So make sure to watch her videos, you’ll find it very usefull
Zoella’s Channel

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