So this post will be different from my previous ones. Today I will talk about cool and useful products I found on the internet for less than $30.

1byone Portable Charger

The first product I will talk about is a portable charger. I know these type of chargers are everywhere nowadays, but this one has a cool feature added. It has a screen that shows you precisely how much battery it actually has left. This battery has 10 000 mAh which can charge 2-3 times your phone depending on the brand. It’s a very good catch considering its price.



Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Image result for Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

The second product is a smart notebook that allows you to save your notes just by taking a picture of it. It’s also reusable so u don’t have to buy a new one when all your papers are full. You can erase your notebook just by putting it in a microwave. I know it sounds weird, but let me explain it. So with the notebook you also get a Pilot FriXion pen. The ink of this pen clears at a certain degree. Which means that if you microwave it all your notes will erase. It’s actually cheaper to buy this notebook than always having to buy new ones.


Mobile macro lens

Image result for Mobile macro lens bandImage result for Mobile macro lens band

The next item is for those who love taking pictures. This is a cheap 4x magnifying lens that fits every mobile device. Whit this lens u can catch little details at a high-resolution. A very handy item.


Satechi Power Strip

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This item is a power strip who also has a couple of usb ports. You can charge multiple devices at once and it has a 4.5 ft cord. I really like the design and simplicity of this power strip.


IPEGA Wireless Game Controller

Image result for IPEGA PG-9023 Telescopic Wireless Bluetooth Game

The last item is more for the gamers out there. This is a wireless bluetooth controller that is compatible with many devices. It’s also has a locking mechanism in the back so that your device doesn’t fall. I find this a cool way to play your games on your phone or tablet.



Thank you for reading and I hope you found something that interest you.