No this isn’t photoshopped or whatever those are really 2 different persons.

These are the Hodgetwins

Keith and Kevin are 40-year-old twins from Virginia. They are sponsored athletes and also have their own clothing line. With over 3 million subscribers on their 4 channels combined you can say that they belong to the most famous twins on internet.

They have a vlog channel, a channel for dating advice, a channel where they react to viral videos and a one where they do food challenges.
Personally I mostly watch the videos where they answer to questions or problems they get sent, because besides it being funny it’s also very helpful and informative.

The Hodgetwins are most known for their uncensored reactions and humour. If you’ve never heard about the birds and the bees before I wouldn’t advice you to go watch their videos.

So If you’re looking for advice on your relationship or for workouts to build more muscles you should go watch there videos.

Food Channel
AskHodgetwins Channel