Today I’ll talk about a youtuber I recently discovered. Even though I just started watching her videos she’s already one of my favorite youtuber.

This is Liza Koshy

Liza is a 20-year-old youtuber from Houston, Texas. She’s  originally known for her funny vines but she decided to make videos on YouTube so that her followers could get to know her better. She released her first video on July 2015 and not even a year later she has more than 2 million subscribers.
She posts videos every Wednesday or as she calls it wednezzzzdays with lizzzzza.

She’s a bit silly and weird but the fact that she isn’t scared to be herself makes it really special and unique. In her videos she uses lots of funny puns. Some say that her style of humor is similar to Nigahiga’s ( a popular youtuber ).

And here’s the explanation of a pun for those who don’t know what that is.



So if you’re searching for some punny videos, you should go watch hers.

Liza Koshy Channel