As I was browsing through Youtube looking for new ideas I saw that a lot of Youtubers made videos of them reacting to somebody named Jacob Sartorius. I got curious and began doing some research about this Jacob guy.

That’s when I stumbled on his Instagram and saw how many followers he had…..

This boy has over 4 milliooooon followers!!!!!

I thought that maybe Instagram made a mistake, so I refreshed the page.

But no the number was still there.


So I decided to give myself a mission: Finding the secret behind his huge fan base.

I looked up every site I could to find the formula to his success.
I even started getting cramps in my fingers from all the clicking and scrolling.
But after hours and hours of searching I found the truth behind Jacob Sartorius.

No, actually it took me like 2 min to find it thanks to Google 😛

He’s gotten famous by making videos on
For the people who don’t know it’s an app where you can lip-sync to popular songs while dancing. Here’s an example.


So I discovered that he is the boy with the most followers on this app. He has over 3 million followers. If you sum up everything he has more fans than the number of people living in New Zealand.


When I was 13 my neighbours didn’t even know my name and he has millions of followers just by lip syncing. I guess you can get famous with anything these days.

With all his success on social media he even released song called “Sweatshirt”. The song is about giving your sweatshirt to a girl and how romantic that is. I guess instead of giving roses or chocolate you can  give your sweatshirt because that’s really special 😛

His song was ranked #10 on the iTunes Charts. That’s really good knowing that he was higher than artists like Ariana Grande, Megan Trainor and even Beyoncé. And that for a song about a sweatshirt.

One thing that I find unfair is that some people who really pour their heart and soul in to their songs don’t even get some kind of recognition, but a boy singing about a sweatshirt gets millions of views. It’s not his fault but it’s still sad.

One thing that really shocked me when I watched his videos was all the comments he gets.


Those are pretty hard comments. I don’t think anybody deserves this kind of hate and certainly not if you’re 13.

I just hope with all the fame he has, he doesn’t let the success go to his head and stays on the right path.


So if you want to see how he got famous, go watch his videos.

Jacob Sartorius Instagram
Jacob Sartorius Youtube