Yeah, I know, you can say that she went a little bit too far with the lipstick, but that’s her thing.

This is Miranda Sings.

Miranda is a popular character played by Colleen Evans on Youtube.

She’s a girl who makes parody’s of other popular songs in the worst way possible. The channel was created to make fun of arrogant girls who thought that posting videos of them singing on social media would make them popular. It was actually just meant as a joke, but she quickly became famous.

Now she has more than 900 million views and 6 million subscribers on her channel. Miranda has won multiple awards and has released a best-selling book called “Selp-Helf”.

And this is for the people who want to know how she normally looks like.


So if you also hate sassy girls who think they can sing, go watch her videos.

Miranda Sing’s Channel